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My Name is Benjamin Labastie, and I am a Computer Science Student

Second year student in the School of Computer Science SUPINFO International University, I am fascinated by new technologies and my favourite field is Systems and Networks Administration among others Windows Environments and User Support.

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My resume


CCI of Normandy

Systems and Networks Administrator : involvement in HelpDesk tasks, User Support, Deployment and Network Administration. (April 2016 - Today)

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Délibérata - Master2i

Systems and Networks Administrator : Software Deployment (Remote and Management services, Anti-virus, OS, Servers...) and Network Administration, User Support with GLPI, Network diagrams realization, Scripting PowerShell, repairs and Network upgrades, Printers and Switch/WIFI management, cabling,... in Caen, Alençon and Coutances CFA-BTP. (September 2015 - March 2016)

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Supinfo International University

Professor of Mathematics et DataBase Modelling (Linear Algebra, Set Theory and MERISE). (September 2015 - Today)

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Société Générale

Network Technician : Establishment of a private Network with Switch/Routers/Cabling, secured PCs and installations, preparation of IP phones. Succession Operator : Using finance software, account management, cash transfers, tasks validation, answer to mail and letters. (April 2014 - August 2014)

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Qualifications and Diplomas


  • Workstation Administration

  • Networks and Systems Administration

  • HelpDesk

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Windows Server 2012

  • Language : Python, C, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, JS

  • Oracle SQL/PL-SQL

  • Mathematics, DataBase Modelling

  • English

Supinfo International University (2014-2019)

Master in Computer Science and Information Systems.

Certificate of Advanced Administration Workstation (Windows Server 2012).

Superior Command of English.

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Sainte Marie Institution (2011-2014)

Scientific Baccalaureat, Physics and Chemistry specialization, European mention, "Good" mention.

Laureate of Mathematics competition with Programmable Calculator.

First Certificate of English : University of Cambridge.

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